About us

Green-Go (EcoCa Ltd) is committed to mitigating and combating vehicular air pollution in London and other cities in the United Kingdom.

We offer a range of three smart vehicles that are for the first time, 80% green at manufacturing and 100% zero emissions:
  1. A fully equipped two-seater suitable for Street-Rental-Schemes, car rental projects and for individuals. Parked vertically to the pavement, four Green-Gos can be parked in place of a single car.
  2. An electric van for urban postal, food and parcel deliveries with 300 Kilos load capacity and 3 cubic meters space.
  3. A pick-up capable of transporting 300 Kilos of goods, and various services for municipalities, parks and individuals.
Green-Go range is not only sustainable and environmentally friendly but are also consumer centric and affordable. The range of vehicles is designed to make commuting, parcel and postal deliveries as low cost as possible in an urban environment.
According to Westminster Council: www.westminster.gov.uk/pollution
“In London around 90 per cent of all car trips are less than 10Km (6.25 miles) making electric vehicles an ideal choice for an emission free short trip within London”.
Accordingly, the Green-Go two-seater with one charge can drive for about 8 days a distance of 48 miles with one charge costing £1.30. The van and pick-up can drive up to about 48 miles/day within London and the Congestion Zone (saving £25/day charges). Night charging tariffs.
Green-Go range does not require fast chargers, they can be charged with a 13 Amp, 3 pin home/work socket.
We are working with the various councils to facilitate 13Amp chargers available at streetlamp posts for all users in an equitable manner.

With Green-Go, range anxiety does not exist
- it is about range management

Green-Go Two Seater

Green-Go Delivery Van

Green-Go Pickup