Green-Go Two Seater ​
Green-Go Pickup​
Green-Go Delivery Van​

Greener all the way

Drive your average 1 to 5 mile commute each day in London for 63% of Londoners. (Source City of Westminster)

  • Lowest cost of charging = 0.018/mile.
  • Lowest cost and you drive 50 miles for £1.25 with zero pollution.

Average commute distance in England for 2017 was 6580 miles each year. . (Source, Department for Transport)
Average UK commute, 18 miles daily. This is correct as world average distance travelled by car. Forget about range anxiety. It is about range management.

Zero emission exterior body parts manufacturing

We are a British registered company with many years experience in design, engineering, prototyping and supply of turn-key car production plants using Renault mechanical components.

Green-Go Two Seater


Green-Go Delivery Van


Green-Go Pickup


Greener all the way

Charge at home/work with a standard 13 Amp socket!

Pay less for repairs, maintenance and service. Electric cars cost nearly one tenth of petrol versions. 1/10, year-on- year! Sustainable and committed driving. This represents considerable economy both for commuting, parcel and postal deliveries.

For 34 million car owners in the United Kingdom that want to drive in the Green-Go and are committed to combatting air pollution and conforming to government directives for adoption of electric vehicles by 2025/2040.

With Green-Go, range anxiety does not exist
- it is about range management


All vehicles are guaranteed for a period of 2 years from the date of delivery in the event of fault(s) of manufacturer’s components, when inspected by our approved garages except, items subject to standard wear and tear. Lithium ternary batteries 3 years plus one additional year fee to be confirmed.


Green-Go vehicles can be charged at home or work place with a 13 Amp, 220 Volt socket


At this time about two months after receipt of application and down payment.